EuroPassport Eligibility Assessment

Thank you for your interest in EuroPassport. We would be happy to assess your citizenship eligibility for EU member countries’ citizenship.
While submitting your eligibility assessment, please consider the following:
  • Our team will take a thorough look at the information you provide to us and will do an assessment to know if you qualify to obtain one or more citizenships of an EU member country and the United Kingdom.
  • EuroPassport will contact you if additional information is required, to better understand the possibilities of reclaiming the requested citizenship;
  • If we do not have enough information to do a full assessment, we will contact you;
  • This Eligibility Assessment will give us enough information to answer the question if you qualify for citizenship for one or more of the European Union countries or the United Kingdom, and in order to be able to apply for citizenship, we will need to do archival and genealogical research. EuroPassport offers the search of archives and ancestry origin in every EU member country for a fee;
  • EuroPassport is not responsible for changes in the laws of EU member countries that might affect your case;
  • You will receive a response from EuroPassport Canada within 7 business days of your application.
  • In the Eligibility Assessment, we provide you space for up to four ancestors; please write down the information of the direct relatives who emigrated from Europe (i.e. parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.)
  • Please answer these questions as completely and accurately as possible, and with the most complete information that you can provide.
  • EuroPassport Inc. complies with the highest personal data protection standards. Please check our Privacy Policy for more details.