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If you have a Croatian parent, you may be eligible to obtain your Croatian citizenship. With a European passport, you can enjoy many benefits that come along with dual citizenship in the EU.

Under the current law, eligible candidates can apply for Croatian citizenship until December 31st, 2022. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this deadline was recently extended, however once this law is changed, it will become much harder to acquire your Croatian citizenship.

Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of acquiring your citizenship, who is eligible and how EuroPassport helps you obtain your EU passport.

Why Get an EU Passport?

Freedom of Movement

EU citizens can travel anywhere in the European Union without restrictions to access or stay. They do not require visa for entry nor are they restricted to the time they can spend in an EU country. EU citizens have the right to live, work and retire in any of the 27 EU member states and can even travel visa-free to a list of third world countries the EU has agreements with.

Working & Residential Benefits

EU citizens can apply for work in another EU country, work without a permit, stay in the country after employment is over and get the same treatment as local residents in terms of employment access, working conditions and other social/tax advantages. 

Citizens are legally entitled to purchase real estate and live in any EU country. By gaining a second citizenship, EU citizens are able to enjoy tax breaks that non-citizens do not have access to. Europe is home to many tax havens and provides favourable environments for matters such as taxation on capital gains, income and corporations.

Education, Healthcare & Lifestyle Benefits

Under current EU laws, EU citizens have the legal right to safe and good quality medical treatment when they are living in their country, travelling temporarily between EU states, residing in another EU country and when travelling to another EU country to receive treatment. Citizens travelling to other countries enjoy similar prices as local residents. EU citizenship also offers other lifestyle benefits, such as peace and security, high food and environmental standards, and human rights. Those that are looking for a safe environment to raise their children or retire– and an overall better quality of life will find EU citizenship very attractive.

How Does EuroPassport Help?

EuroPassport helps individuals and their families acquire European citizenship by descent. We have curated an expert team of lawyers and genealogists across Europe that specialize in assessing your qualification for citizenship, and source all the hard to find documentation necessary to ensure the success of your application.

Our team takes care of all the heavy lifting to get you your Croatian citizenship quickly & effortlessly, filing all required documents with the Croatian government and helping you along every step of the process. Whatever your reasons for applying, EuroPassport will help you & your family open a continent of possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If at least one of your parents held a Croatian citizenship at the time of your birth, you may be eligible to acquire your Croatian passport. You do not need to have been born in Croatia, nor does your parent(s) have to reside there.

You may also be eligible if you were born between January 8, 1977 and October 8, 1991 if one or both of your parents held a Croatian citizenship at the time of your birth, even if there was a different citizenship entered into their citizenship data.

EuroPassport will help you assess your eligibility and source all the required documents to ensure the success of your passport application.

The current law is expected to change in January 2023, making it much more difficult to acquire Croatian citizenship. If you are contemplating acquiring your citizenship, we strongly suggest you get in touch with us as soon as possible!

No! You do not need to move to Croatia or spend a set amount of time to acquire and maintain your citizenship. Citizenship is generally for life, and you will retain all the benefits that come along with holding an EU passport.

Croatia is one of the fastest countries to acquire your EU citizenship by descent. The process will depend on how long it takes to source all the required documents, and waiting for the government to process your application, however this whole process generally takes 1-2 months.

The process of acquiring your citizenship by descent is usually the cheapest & easiest path to citizenship with any country. For adults, the process generally costs around $5,000(CAD) with kids being cheaper, and subsequent family members costing less as well, since much of the document gathering will have already been completed.

By contrast, other methods of acquiring citizenship such as naturalization or investment can involve spending several years in the country, or investing upwards of $100,000.

Contact us to have a unique quote prepared for you and your family’s situation.

Yes, we have an in-depth eligibility assessment that allows us to find the easiest path for you and your family to acquire your European citizenship by descent. We have an extensive network of lawyers and genealogists across Europe that source all the required documents, and deal with government filings and translation, so all you have to do is sit back and let us help you open up a continent of possibilities.

Being part of the European Union, Croatian citizenship affords many benefits to its holders. This includes being able to freely live, work, study and invest in any of the 27 member countries. Having a second citizenship is a great way to give yourself and your children an entire continent to expand your life with, whatever stage you are at.

Many of our clients seek EU citizenship in order to retire in Europe, study at some of the world’s top schools, or to seek employment and establish themselves in another country.

Learn more about the many benefits of acquiring your citizenship here.

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