Introducing Rossio Palace Golden Visas

Gain your Portuguese Golden Visa at a reduced rate with this exciting investment opportunity.

Hurry, the Portuguese Golden Visa program will be ending at the end of March! Contact us today for more info.

Welcome to Rossio Palace

Rossio Palace is a historic palace in Portugal that is being converted into a deluxe hotel.

Described as “A natural paradise surrounded by the natural park with most biodiversity in Portugal,” investment in the property is eligible for the discounted Golden Visa in Portugal, one of the safest and most dynamic countries in Europe.

The Portugal Golden Visa is highly sought after. However, the reduced investment is a time-limited opportunity. The reduction is expected to finish in 2023, after new EU regulation to harmonize programs is implemented.

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A golden visa is one of the easiest paths to European citizenship, generally only requiring an investment in a given country, usually through property or a business. However, it is quite an expensive process.

Under certain conditions, the Golden Visa investment amount can be reduced. In low density urban regeneration areas (as is the case with Rossio Palace), the investment threshold is reduced from €500,000 to €280,000.

How Can I Get Started?

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