What we do

EuroPassport is a full-service consulting firm that has developed an easy, streamlined process to assist people with European background in claiming their European citizenship and passport. We help people claim their right to citizenship based on European ancestry.

Why Choose EuroPassport

  1. We are a Canadian company based in Toronto, and you will meet us in person; this also makes the exchange of private information, official documents, and payment simpler.
  2. We have a network of immigration lawyers across the European Union to help our clients’ applications.
  3. We’ve created a streamlined system so our clients pay the lowest fees while getting the most expedited service.
  4. We’ve got you covered from start to finish; you can be assured that we will take care of everything, including finding the official documents, translating your Canadian documents, dealing with all the necessary legalities, and completing forms and applications on your behalf.
  5. We can easily and quickly assess your eligibility, saving you time and resources if we find that there is no realistic chance of you successfully qualifying for citizenship. 

How did we achieve this, you may ask?

First, we created a network of immigration lawyers in different European countries; these lawyers have access to local government offices and are knowledgeable about immigration matters in their jurisdictions. These professionals expedite services and take care of cases that require a closer look or require an appeal. In addition to our in-house legal advisor, we have also put together a network of ancestry organizations and specialists from across Europe to help us locate information we may need to support your successful application.

Second, we have created an Eligibility Assessment that provides us with sufficient information to quickly identify if you are likely to qualify for your EU member country citizenship; it will allow you to see which countries you may qualify for, so you can decide which citizenship(s) you will proceed with. If for some reason you do not qualify to apply for any citizenship through ancestry, we will attempt to provide you with other available options for obtaining your citizenship for an EU member country, if available.

Third, we are connected with certified translators and diplomatic representatives within Canada and Europe. Having a close relationship with translators helps us to quickly complete all necessary translations of your official documents. Our constant communication with diplomatic representatives and European databases gives us access to the most up-to-date information regarding laws, legislation and rulings in the European Union that may affect your application.

These local alliances give us a competitive advantage, enabling us to provide rapid, efficient and reliable service. By the time you sign your service contract, the processing of your application will have already been planned, and all documents and forms prepared.


We have carefully crafted a process that enables us to prepare successful citizenship application packages for every EU member country from start to finish.  This includes all necessary procedures (explaining the application process, the gathering of all documents and evidence you will need, required translations, ancestry research, completion of applications, legalizations, and acquisition of documents) until the time you obtain your citizenship and passport.  Our method of operation is founded on the principles of simplicity, honesty and successful delivery. Our knowledge and experience allow us to assess the likelihood that any given individual with a European background possesses to smoothly obtain his/her citizenship before the process begins.

Specific Laws to Obtain Citizenship by Descent in the EU

There are some countries which offer citizenship by descent, please take a look to see if you may qualify:

New Austrian law for victims of the Holocaust and people who escaped Nazi persecution and their descendants

This law came into effect on September 1, 2020. People who were victims of the Holocaust or who escaped Austria due to Nazi persecution, and their descendants, can apply to get their Austrian citizenship.

If a direct ancestor fled Austria before May 5, 1955 because he/she feared or suffered persecution by members of the Nazi Party or the authorities of the Third Reich, or they stood up for the Democratic Republic of Austria and were therefore exposed to persecution, you will very likely be eligible to obtain your Austrian citizenship.

This applies to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and to descendants even further in succession to the ancestor, as well as to adoptive children who were adopted as minors.

What is EuroPassport offering?

EuroPassport believes this to be a very sensitive topic as it relates to the Holocaust. Thus we have decided to only charge a minimal fee. This process is currently offered for free by the Austrian government, so we encourage you to go and do your own research to decide if you want to go ahead on your own or if you want to use our services. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or doubts. This process involves an eligibility assessment; the preparation and filing of the paperwork; finding evidence of descendance such as birth certificate, passports, Holocaust papers, etc., from your ancestors; legalization of documents; translations and other required documentation. It is complicated, confusing and time-consuming. Our lawyer in Austria is working closely with us, so you would not have to present your application at your local consulate, which is likely overwhelmed with all the applications they received. We will send it directly to the Austrian government, which will save time. Many people who apply do not qualify, so before you even apply, we here at EuroPassport will let you know if you should go ahead or not. And if you don’t qualify, we will present you with alternatives for other citizenships by descent which you may qualify for.

Portuguese Jewish Law of Return for Sephardim

An amendment to Portugal’s “Law on Nationality” allows descendants of Portuguese Jews who were expelled in the Portuguese Inquisition to become citizens if they belong to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin with ties to Portugal.

The Portuguese parliament passed legislation facilitating the naturalization of descendants of 16th-century Jews who fled because of religious persecution. Although Spain had adopted a similar law, it was time-limited, so it is no longer valid. The Portuguese law is not time-limited, so you do not have to have residence in Portugal or speak Portuguese to be able to get your citizenship based on Jewish ancestry.

If you do not have Portuguese background but you are of Sephardic origin, regardless of the country where your family comes from, we still invite you to fill our Eligibility Assessment. With the proper research, we may be able to find ties to Portugal, as countless Jews who fled Portugal settled in Northern Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

This process requires creating a family tree and getting a Certificate of Sephardic origin. EuroPassport can prepare the file for you, as we are trained to do this work.

You do not need to be Jewish to get your Portuguese citizenship based on Sephardi origin, but you will need the Certificate of Sephardi origin, as many people lost the Jewish faith through previous generations. Last names may have also changed through generations, so we will need to research your family tree so we can prove your Sephardic origin.

German Basic Law

Victims of Nazi persecution

According to the Basic Law, anyone who had their German citizenship revoked during the Nazi regime for “political, racist or religious reasons” may re-obtain their German citizenship (this also applies to their children). This law also applies to descendants of Nazi victims and does not require them to give up the citizenship of their new home countries.

EuroPassport will do the necessary research to prove the client’s ancestry relating to their revoked German citizenship. There are different rules and legislation that EuroPassport will consider to help our Jewish clients of German descent to regain their citizenship.

Portuguese citizenship for people with Portuguese Indian (Goan), East Timor or Macau descendance

Goan, East Timorese and Macau Descendance

Goa, East Timor and Macau are all former Portuguese territories, so Portuguese nationality laws allow those who were Portuguese citizens to retain Portuguese nationality. Although records can be difficult to locate, it is possible to find them, and some of our clients do have their ancestors’ documents, so we can prove their status.

Our lawyer in Portugal is highly experienced in helping people with a background from the territories, so we will be happy to help you get your Portuguese citizenship.

Our Story

Back in 2015, I was originally interested in getting a Ph.D. at a European university.  I discovered that if I was a citizen of one of the European Union member countries, I would get preferential tuition rates from the university and would be able to work legally in any of the countries.  I then realized that it was possible that, because my grandfather was Polish, I could obtain my Polish citizenship.
After doing a bit of research, I noticed that there was nobody in my local area who could help me through the process.  I continued researching to see if I could do it on my own to save money, but I had to use the help of my lawyer friends and a lot of time to review all of the past and current immigration laws. I got in contact with the Polish Consulate and started reading all the Polish immigration laws I could get my hands on.  I then realized that, based on my ancestry, I qualified to obtain my Polish citizenship.
Through the difficult but rewarding process, I learned so much about immigration law. I also learned that it was not an easy process; there was a lot of legal work and other tasks required to make it happen. I had to visit multiple government offices, obtain very old documents from Poland, complete a bunch of translations, fill out forms, and much more to fulfill the citizenship process.  It was an arduous process. At times, I thought I got it right, only to be told that I had to get more documentation, as some law had recently changed.
Ultimately, I realized that I wanted to share the knowledge that I had gained from my experience, with others who needed assistance. I could help people do things more easily, and faster too. I started talking to friends with a European background and all of them expressed an interest in getting their EU citizenship. I helped them do it, and I got my siblings’ their citizenships too. EuroPassport was born.

Our Team

Dayn Gehry-Riis
has a background in business and psychology.  He loves to travel and lived in Europe and Israel for many years.  He is highly energetic and a natural problem solver. He is the one  who will execute your process and has put together the team that will make it happen.  He will explain everything to you in detail and will be in contact with the consulates and lawyers in Europe, as well as the ancestry organizations, to make sure you will get an optimized application. Every step along the way he will be in touch with you to update you on your process and answer any questions.

Pedro Figuera Paez
is an Engineer who moved to Canada and ended up specializing in what he does best: project management. He’s focused and he is fast. He will plan and overlook each application from beginning to end and make sure that the process is moving in the right direction and is as fast and efficient as possible.


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