Open A World of

Your European citizenship and passport by ancestry,
start to finish.

Are you a Canadian citizen with European roots? We can help you claim your European citizenship by ancestry.

With EU citizenship, you will enjoy, among other advantages:
  • The ability to reside in all 27 EU member countries  permanently, for holidays or retirement
  • Safety and security
  • Unlimited working and residential rights
  • Career opportunities and employment flexibility
  • Subsidized education and scholarships
  • Access to the national health care system of each country
  • Social security and other such benefits.
  • No necessity for visas or permits to travel within the EU
  • The ability to start and register a business
  • The option to expand an existing business
  • Investment opportunities
  • The ability to make use of advantageous tax regimens
  • Greater personal mobility
  • Fast-tracking through customs

And more.

By reclaiming your EU country citizenship, you will enjoy all the rights and benefits of being an EU citizen.


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