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Taking the Headache Out of European Citizenship Applications

Our team cuts through the red tape and high legal costs to get you the citizenship you deserve!

We Make the Process of Acquiring your EU/UK Citizenship Easier than Ever Before!

We work tirelessly to help our clients acquire their EU/UK citizenship in as easy and efficient of a manner as possible. By curating our own expert team of lawyers and genealogists, we are able to expedite the citizenship application process and keep costs down.

We also understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of security and privacy protection with our client’s documents. Keep reading to learn more about our fees as well as the privacy measures that we’ve put in place to protect you.

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For each case, we will provide an individualized quote. Our services are divided into 3 phases, each with a respective fee:

  1. The Eligibility Assessment: costs CAD $199.99. If after getting a positive result from the Eligibility Assessment, you decide to proceed with us, we will refund the $199.99 from your total. 
  2. Ancestry and document research: we will begin by doing the initial background research, and our ancestry specialists and archivists in Europe will begin their search, lasting anywhere from 1 day to 6 months depending on the complexity of the case. This will require an individualized quote.
  3. Once we have obtained the evidence that you indeed have direct ancestry from an EU member country, we will prepare your package, which will include the search and processing of Canadian documents, application forms, criminal background checks, legalizations, translations, and government letters, which all vary by country and by case as well. This will be included in your individualized quote.

EuroPassport’s services cost between 20 and 50% less than working directly with a lawyer in Europe. We also take care of 50 to 80% of the process locally, cutting legal costs considerably.

Due to the often sensitive nature of documents our clients submit to us, we take security & data protection very seriously. We use only the best and most secure softwares to handle communication and document transfer to/from our clients. We don’t use any technologies or communication methods that don’t offer a high level of encryption and your data is never shared with any 3rd parties.

Contact us or view our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Relax, we do all the documentation work, start to finish

No more worrying – or having to track down a mountain of paperwork to complete your application.
We handle all the document gathering, organizing and verifying to expedite the process and ensure a positive outcome.

All you have to do is make that final trip to your consulate, papers in hand.

The duration of the entire process varies depending on your country.  A more accurate time and a price estimate will be provided during your discovery call.

Europe is calling…

Ready to get your citizenship documents in order… and cross that border?