Fees & Cost

Learn about the cost of acquiring your European citizenship, and our quoting process.

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Getting a citizenship by descent, especially for those countries which are highly ranked in the passport index, is not easy nor cheap, as it takes multiple hours of work. Obviously, there are countries where it is easier and less complex to apply for citizenship, and others where more work and research is needed and will take more work hours to prepare.
Generally, citizenships start at $6,000CAD and they go all the way up to $8,000CAD (and in the case of Germany, it can go up to $12,000CAD).
A European passport, including all EU member countries, the UK and Norway, is not an expense – it is an investment.
You need to evaluate how much you’re going to spend on your citizenship versus how much your European passport will offer you, your family and generations to come; from lower university tuition, job opportunities, retirement residence, health insurance, employment opportunities, security, etc. Specifically considering the EU passport which will open the door for 27 countries, there’s no comparison with any other passport on the planet.
Our quotes include everything you’re going to need to get your European citizenship, from beginning to end.
We will consider what you already have, such as documents, genealogical research, etc., so we can meet you where you’re at. The price will vary depending on the country you will be applying for citizenship to, the number of documents you will need, if you need document searches in Europe or genealogical services, how many family members are applying together (we offer a 5% discount when 2-4 family members apply together, and a 10% discount when 5 or more family members apply together), if we need to register a marriage, divorce, birth or death in Europe, if we have to do a name change ruling in Canada or abroad (in case the ancestor(s) who got a different name when he/she moved from Europe), etc.

EuroPassport’s services cost between 20% and 50% less than working directly with a lawyer in Europe.

We also take care of about 50% of the process locally, cutting legal costs considerably.

What Our Quotes Include:

  • Ordering and finding documents in Canada
  • Genealogical and document search in Europe
  • Preparing documents in Canada and abroad (notarizations, authentications, legalizations, super-legalizations, apostilles, etc.)
  • Certified translations
  • Preparing application forms
  • Government fees
  • Courier services (within Canada, and Europe-Canada)
  • Services of a top-tier immigration lawyer in Europe
  • Our fees for managing and coordinating your application and preparing documents
  • Ongoing information and updates on the status of your application
  • Legal name change in Europe or Canada (if needed)
  • Notarial services
  • Fingerprinting services for criminal background check (when needed)
  • Preparing the passport application and, if needed, the social insurance number application

What Our Quotes Don’t Include:

  • Transportation to consulates or other countries 
  • Language classes
  • Language proficiency examinations
  • Passport and ID application fees (you will need to get these in person at the consulate or the passport office in Europe to get these documents with your fingerprints), and in some countries, you will be able to apply online.

How Our Quotes Are Structured

For each case, we will provide an individualized quote. Our services are divided into 4 phases, each with a respective fee:

Phase 1 – The Eligibility Assessment

We charge a fee for the Eligibility Assessment consisting of necessary genealogical research that will allow us to determine your eligibility and the chance of success for your citizenship application. Keep reading to see a breakdown of this fee and what is included in the Eligibility Assessment.

If Applying for Citizenship Through Parents: $750CAD* + Tax

If Applying for Citizenship Through Grandparents: $1050CAD* + Tax

If Applying for Citizenship Through Great Grandparents: $1350CAD* + Tax

*If after getting a positive result from the Eligibility Assessment, you decide to proceed with us to prepare your citizenship, we will deduct the total amount from your final invoice.

At EuroPassport we use a form that we call the “Eligibility Assessment”. This is a comprehensive questionnaire that was created with input from all of our immigration lawyers in Europe; that’s the first stage when you decide to work with us. This questionnaire will be sent to the respective immigration lawyer in Europe which will do an assessment to make sure you qualify for citizenship based on dates and other information contained in the assessment.

The assessment can yield three results:

  1. Yes, you qualify for citizenship by ancestry
  2. No, you do not qualify for citizenship by ancestry
  3. Based on this information, you qualify for citizenship, but we still need more documents to confirm your ancestors citizenship, or there is not enough information to confirm if you qualify for citizenship, therefore a genealogical research is recommended.

The client will receive a final Eligibility Assessment Report with the results, comments, reasoning and recommendations from the lawyer. If there’s enough evidence of ancestry, we will be able to start your citizenship process, and if there’s not enough information, we will have to do a document search or a genealogical research, depending on the particular case.

Phase 2 – Ancestry and Document Research: 

Not everybody needs genealogical research. In some cases, our lawyers order the documents directly from the government; in other cases, the only proof we need for a person to be eligible for citizenship by descent, is a birth certificate from the ancestor(s). In most cases, a birth certificate won’t be enough, as a birth certificate is just historical proof that a person was born in a country, not that they have, or kept, their citizenship.  

If our clients do not have enough evidence of citizenship from their European ancestors, we will begin by doing the initial background research, and our genealogists and archivists in Europe will begin their search, lasting anywhere from 1 day to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the case.

The initial research to determine if there are grounds to initiate a genealogical investigation, which will be done by the genealogists using their online tools and databases, will cost $300 + tax. Once the genealogist determines what can be found and where, it will be possible to create an individualized quote; these services truly vary depending on how many documents we need to find, how difficult it is, how many hours of genealogical research will be involved, etc.

Fees may vary between $500 and up to $5,000. Some of our clients have found this search so intriguing and interesting that they decide to continue the genealogy search even after they have all the documents needed for the citizenship process.

Our team of genealogists in Europe has high ethical standards and will do the most basic research and won’t recommend anything that isn’t necessary.

Phase 3 – Prepare File for Citizenship Application:

Once we have obtained the evidence that you indeed have direct ancestry from an EU member country, and that you qualify for citizenship by descent, we will be able to prepare your quote. Once you accept our quote, sign our service agreements and power of attorney, we will start working on your file. 

Many people believe that when you apply for citizenship abroad, the process will happen where you are applying for citizenship, and especially that when you hire a lawyer abroad, that the lawyer will do everything on your behalf; this is not the case, as no lawyer on the other side of the ocean can find and order Canadian documents abroad and then prepare them to be legal in European countries. The lawyer will give you a list of documents and then you will have to figure out what to get and where to get these documents, and bring them through the process of super-legalization to make them valid in European countries; this is where EuroPassport comes in.

We work with a network of notaries across Canada, and we have document specialists at EuroPassport to help us order, find and legalize documents within Canada and any country abroad. We know the ins and outs of preparing a successful citizenship application in record times; you won’t have to start figuring out where to get each document, how to order it, or how to make it legal in Europe! This phase usually takes between 3-4 months unless the Canadian citizenship certificate of your ancestor(s) is lost or we need to order documents from abroad.

Phase 4 – Citizenship Process: 

Once your file is ready in Canada, and our correspondent lawyer in Europe approves it, we will send it by courier to the lawyer* who will finish the application he/she started, from completing forms, making sure all documents are in order, ordering additional supporting documents in Europe, verifying all the documents with authorities, paying application fees, registering marriages, divorces, name changes, birth and deaths, when necessary, and anything else that will be necessary to have a successful citizenship application. Depending on the country you are applying for, the time to have your citizenship ready will vary; please check the specific country page on our website to find that information.

Relax, we do all the documentation work, start to finish

No more worrying – or having to track down a mountain of paperwork to complete your application.
We handle all the document gathering, organizing and verifying to expedite the process and ensure a positive outcome.

All you have to do is make that final trip to your consulate, papers in hand.

The duration of the entire process varies depending on your country. A more accurate time and a price estimate will be provided during your discovery call.

Europe is calling…

Ready to get your citizenship documents in order… and cross that border?