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Expedite Your Journey to European Citizenship

EuroPassport: your source for EU & UK citizenship application services, serving individuals across Canada and the USA

Six Easy Steps to a European Passport

Finally, you can avoid the red tape, bureaucracy, and high costs of foreign lawyers and governments. With EuroPassport, your European citizenship is within easy reach, especially if you have direct descendants in a European country.

The process begins with a quick eligibility assessment to determine the route to securing the passport you want.

Step 1: Free Pre-Screening Test & Discovery Session

Simply fill in our free two-minute test which will tell you instantly if you have a good chance of qualifying. For those who pass, we will contact you for a complimentary discovery session.

Step 2: Eligibility Assessment

Find out if you fully qualify now by taking our in-depth eligibility assessment. Here, we will delve into some specifics to assess your chances of obtaining citizenship by ancestry. You will receive your results within just 7 business days.  The cost of this assessment starts at $399CAD, however this fee is refunded if you decide to work with us.
What if you do not qualify?

No worries. There is always a way – and we can find the best one for you. Our experts will advise you on the next steps, usually through naturalization or investment. 

Step 3: Documentation Search Congratulations, you qualify.

Once approved, we’ll locate your proof of citizenship for you. Our experts will start the documentation search process gathering proof of your relative’s citizenship. With the help of our overseas partners, we will scour the records in your specified country (s) to find all required citizenship documents.

Our process is meticulous and thorough, in order to compile a winning file application for you.

Step 4: File Preparation

Once your documents are retrieved, we will compile an in-depth file for you based on your country’s passport documentation requirements. This is where the most time-consuming and complex part of the application transpires.

Step 5: Legal Verification

Once the file is complete, we send a digital copy to our trusted legal partners in Europe for verification. This is to triple check that nothing is missed, everything is in excellent order, and the application package is as strong as possible.
The complete and fully verified file is sent by registered mail/courier to our European legal team. The lawyers, in turn, will apply their power of attorney and then send it by correct channels to the government.

Step 6: Passport Application

Once your citizenship is complete, our lawyers will send us your European citizenship papers. We courier them to you in a folder with your passport and SIN number application, along with clear instructions on how to complete the process through your local consulate.

Relax, we do all the documentation work, start to finish

No more worrying – or having to track down a mountain of paperwork to complete your application.
We handle all the document gathering, organizing and verifying to expedite the process and ensure a positive outcome.

All you have to do is make that final trip to your consulate, papers in hand.

The duration of the entire process varies depending on your country.  A more accurate time and a price estimate will be provided during your discovery call.

Europe is calling…

Ready to get your citizenship documents in order… and cross that border?