Why an EU Passport

Change Your Life. Leave a Legacy.

EuroPassport:your source for EU & UK citizenship application services, serving individuals across Canada and the USA!

An opportunity to live and work abroad. Study at a European university –without expensive international fees. Retire with ease in a dreamy location.

There are so many reasons why you may want an EU or UK Passport. But, until now, there have also been reasons you may have notpursued the idea. About 50% of people who start a citizenship application by descent on their own or with the help of a lawyer quit in the middle of the process.

EuroPassport removes those barriers of bureaucracy, legal complications and high cost, opening the doors to achieving your dream of European citizenship –with no risks.

Ten Reasons to Apply for an EU or UK Passport

Choose from 27 countries–plus the UK.

Choose to reside in any one of 27 EU member countries permanently, for holidays, work or retirement. Europe is literally your oyster!

No more Visas–or ETIAS 90-day work/stay limits.

Live, work or study in the EU or UK without a Visa –and without having to adhere to those 90 day/six-monthguidelines. Plus, you’ll be able to travel between the 27-member countries freely, with no visas and no restrictions.

Enjoy affordable tuition at prestigious European schools.

As an EU citizen, you will be able to enroll at a University in Europe –or send your kids for a first-rate education at one of the many esteemed European academies. All at the affordable, subsidized rates and domestic fees thatEuropeans enjoy–with full eligibility for scholarships.

Pursue career opportunities abroad.

Imagine being eligible to apply for work and accept an exciting job in any country throughout Europeand Britain. No barriers for your prospective employer. Work in Europe –and enjoy those typically 6-weeks of holidays a year –and the opportunity to explore historic European cities and old-worldregions on weekend drives.

Retire in Europe with full EU health benefits.

Total social security and access to the national healthcare system of each country will be yours when you retire in Europe with an EU passport. That’s peace of mind worth investing in.

Launch a business in Europe.

With an EU passport, you’ll be able to register and start a new enterprise in any of the 27 member countries. Orbring your North American business to lucrative new markets in the old world! Benefit from business grants, loans and incentives available to EU passport holders across different countries throughout the EU and Britain.

Invest overseas.

Whether it’s buying residential or commercial real estate or becoming a shareholder in an exciting new endeavour, the skies opportunity knocks in Europe, especially for those investors with a valid EU passport.

Fast track through customs.

No more waiting in long lines at the border. An EU Passport means you’ll enjoy express service arriving at and departing from EU countries.

Be free to live somewhere else.

In times of political and social instability, a European passport is an invaluable asset, giving you and your family the choice and freedom to relocate to a safer and more desirable home.It’salways nice to have a “plan B” for your life.

Give your family EU citizenship... forever.

In addition to ample benefits and prestige, an EU passport enables you to reconnect with your European roots and history –and leave a legacy for your family.Through your EU passport, your children and children’s children will become EU citizens too.

Yes, your EU citizenship will transfer to your descendants… which may be the greatest gift of all that you can ever leave them.

Benefit from EU passport prestige and recognition across the globe

Passports from all EU member countries are among the highest-ranked on the passport index, meaning that you will be able to travel to most countries around the world without a visa.

Europe is calling…

Ready to get your citizenship documents in order… and cross that border?