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EuroPassport is Now a Proud Partner of Global Slovakia!

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Global Slovakia is a Slovak-based, not-for-profit organization founded in 2017 by two Slovaks who are both scholars and experts on their home country. Zuzana Palovic, is an academic whose work focuses on migrations in Central and Eastern Europe. Gabriela Bereghazyova holds a PhD in political and social patterns within Slovakia.

Under the leadership of Dr Palovic and Dr Bereghazyova, Global Slovakia has produced and published a number of books and has been widely represented in national and international media. The organization has also played a key role in recent changes in the Slovak Citizenship Act, giving Slovak descendants easier access to becoming Slovak citizens.

They also offer a wide variety of online courses exploring the history, culture and customs of Slovakia, helping participants work towards their Slovak Living Abroad Certificate.

EuroPassport is happy to announce our partnership with Global Slovakia, to help our clients more easily acquire their Slovak Living Abroad (SLA) Certificate.

The Slovak Living Abroad Certificate is a certificate issued to members of the Slovak Diaspora and their descendants by the Bureau for Slovaks Living Abroad.

The Certificate entitles you to apply for a Slovak residence permit, which allows you to live, work and/or establish a business in Slovakia for up to 5 years.

If you have questions about the eligibility requirements or how this new partnership can help you make Slovakia an important part of your family’s future, contact us today.


Dayn Gehry-Riis

Co-Founder & CEO – EuroPassport

Pedro Figuera Paez

Co-Founder & COO – EuroPassport