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If you have at least one Danish parent, you may be able to claim your Danish citizenship

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Did you know that you have the right to obtain Danish citizenship if you have Danish ancestors? In this section, we will help you explore your roots and discover if you meet the requirements to become a Danish citizen.

The Danish Citizenship by Descent Act establishes the criteria and requirements for a person to obtain Danish citizenship through his or her ancestry. In general, the criteria for obtaining Danish citizenship by descent are as follows:

  1. Direct descent: The person must be a direct descendant of a Danish father or mother. This may include biological or adopted children.
  2. Genealogy: The person must be able to prove his or her direct relationship to a Danish father or mother. This is usually done through birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other official documents.
  3. Residence and contact with Denmark: In addition to descent, the person must also have a connection to Denmark, such as having lived in the country or having regular contact with Danish culture and society.

It is important to note that specific requirements may vary depending on the individual situation and family circumstances.

Who is Eligible for Danish Citizenship by Descent?

Those who are direct descendants of a Danish father or mother are eligible. This includes biological or adopted children.

It is also essential to have evidence of that relationship, in addition to family members’ documents, such as their birth certificate.

You should also know that a birth certificate from the ancestor is not enough to prove citizenship. At least one passport from the ancestor is also required, and ideally other documents to prove citizenship. With the help of our network of genealogists, we are able to search for documents to prove ancestry.

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Why Get Danish Citizenship?

Denmark is an EU Member State, so having citizenship grants you the advantage and freedoms guaranteed in all EU countries, especially:

  • Freedom to work and engage in economic activities in all EU Member States.
  • Possibility to invest, and to acquire real estate, in the EU.
  • Medical care in all EU countries.
  • Freedom to reside and settle in other EU Member States.
  • Access to education throughout the EU, free studies at prestigious universities.
  • Possibility of traveling without a visa to more than 160 countries.

Learn more about the benefits of holding citizenship with an EU Member State here.

What Other Benefits Come with Being a Danish Citizen?

Denmark is renowned for its exceptional quality of life, robust economy, and comprehensive social welfare system. The country consistently ranks highly in global indices for healthcare, education, and overall happiness, backed by strong public services and a clean, safe environment. Its social safety net includes extensive healthcare, unemployment benefits, and pensions, ensuring a high level of social security and low income inequality.

The nation values education, work-life balance, and sustainability. Home to prestigious universities, Denmark offers top-tier education at all levels and attracts students globally. It emphasizes work-life balance with flexible working hours and generous parental leave. As a leader in renewable energy, Denmark invests heavily in green technologies, promoting environmental sustainability. While it offers numerous benefits, individual experiences may vary, reflecting the unique challenges of living in any country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The waiting time will depend on each case; however, the average time is 12 to 18 months.

When you apply for citizenship, any prior denials may hinder your chances on subsequent applications. For example: declaring a date that is incorrect according to the laws and legislations. Remember that immigration laws are constantly changing, and we are keeping up with every change, which may affect the required documents. We also have a network of lawyers and genealogists in Europe who will prepare and supervise your application. We have the potential to prepare the most formidable application for citizenship you can submit. Do you want to risk your chances? We will do everything for you.

You are eligible to apply for Danish citizenship if at least one of your parents is or was a Danish citizen. Being a Danish citizen automatically makes you a European citizen with access to the numerous benefits/freedoms guaranteed in all EU countries.

Learn more about the benefits of holding citizenship with an EU Member State here.

This will depend on the complexity of your specific case and how many documents you require to prove your Danish ancestry. Our pricing starts from $6,000 for the first adult applicant, approximately $5,200 for subsequent adults of the same family, and approximately $4,800 for minors under 18 years old.

We do offer a 4-payment schedule for individuals and 6-payment schedule for families, and a discount of 5% for families of 2-4 people and 10% for families of 5 or more people.

Contact us to learn more about the pricing structure and payment options.

Yes, we also conduct genealogy research in Denmark. If you are interested in finding out more about your Danish ancestors, contact us for details.

No, you generally only need to pay taxes if you move to the country and live there at least 6 months of the year. If you move to another EU member country, you won’t have to pay taxes in Denmark, but you may have to pay taxes in the European country in which you decide to live, so you would need to consult with the local tax authorities in that country.

Yes, you can apply for Danish citizenship by descent even if your Danish ancestor has already died. However, it is important to keep in mind that the process may be more complicated and require more documentation to prove the descent relationship. Ancestor’s death certificate may be required.

Yes, it is possible to apply for Danish citizenship by descent if your ancestor emigrated from Denmark many years ago. However, the requirements and process may vary depending on the laws and regulations in force in Denmark at the time of your application.


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