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The Top 5 Benefits of European Citizenship

Holding a European Union citizenship is highly sought after, with thousands of people from the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries applying for EU Citizenship every year.

There are several benefits of European citizenship, including freedom of mobility through the 27 EU member countries, unlimited working rights in the EU and educational opportunities.

This article will explore the top five benefits of obtaining EU citizenship.

Benefit 1: Freedom of Movement

EU citizens can travel anywhere in the European Union without restrictions to access or stay. They do not require visa for entry nor are they restricted to the time they can spend in an EU country. EU citizens have the right to live, work and retire in any of the 27 EU member states and can even travel visa-free to a list of third world countries the EU has agreements with.

Non-passport holders can only live, work or study in the EU for less than 90 days out of 6 months and require visa for entry, unless they are from Australia, Canada, United States and New Zealand (With ETIAS soon becoming a requirement for some countries).

Benefit 2: Working and Residential Rights

EU citizens can apply for work in another EU country, work without a permit, stay in the country after employment is over and get the same treatment as local residents in terms of employment access, working conditions and other social/tax advantages. On the other hand, non-passport holders need to obtain an employee-sponsored visa to work in an EU country, which can be a very difficult and expensive process.

Citizens are legally entitled to purchase real estate and live in any EU country. Since the European passport is essentially a visa that allows permanent residence in Europe, passport holders can live in prosperous countries such as France, Germany and Italy without a permit.

Benefit 3: Education Opportunities

EU citizens can study at many reputable universities across European Union countries– such as La Sorbonne in Paris– without any restrictions, seek new opportunities for career networking and take advantage of the affordable tuition fees.

Several European universities and colleges offer low-cost or even subsidized study options for EU citizens. Students with an EU passport are even given preference over their non-passport holder peers in acceptance to higher education institutions and academic courses.

Benefit 4: Health Care and other Lifestyle Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of EU citizenship is access to national health care programs. Under current EU laws, EU citizens have the legal right to safe and good quality medical treatment when they are living in their country, travelling temporarily between EU states, residing in another EU country and when travelling to another EU country to receive treatment. Citizens travelling to other countries enjoy similar prices as local residents.

EU citizenship also offers other lifestyle benefits, such as peace and security, high food and environmental standards, and human rights. Those that are looking for a safe environment to raise their children or retire– and an overall better quality of life will find EU citizenship very attractive.

Benefit 5: Tax Breaks

By gaining a second citizenship, EU citizens are able to enjoy tax breaks that non-citizens do not have access to. Europe is home to many tax havens and provides favourable environments for matters such as taxation on capital gains, income and corporations.

For example, Luxembourg is a popular destination for business owners due to its tax laws that allows for tax exemptions on company dividends and long-term capital gains on stocks. Foreign corporations have long been able to avoid massive tax bills from their expenses by establishing business entities in Luxembourg. Since there are fewer restrictions on EU citizens conducting business than for non-citizens, citizenship by ancestry is a great privilege for some business owners.

How Can I Get an EU Citizenship?

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