Pre-Qualifying Assessment

Take our quick pre-screening assessment to find out if you may qualify for a European Passport. If you qualify, you will be invited to receive a free consultation to learn more about the process and available options to acquire your EU/UK citizenship.

Please Note:

The answers which you provide are for us to make an initial determination to see if you meet the basic minimum requirements to apply for EU citizenship by ancestry. As this is only a pre-assessment, it does not serve as the final definitive determination of your validity to apply for EU citizenship. To be absolutely certain, we will need to evaluate other aspects of your case with a more comprehensive assessment. In order for us to be absolutely certain, we would need to discuss further details. To begin with, we will need to review the documentation or evidence you have to support your ancestry claim. Whether you believe you have enough relevant documentation to show your European ancestry or not, we are available for a consultation session to look deeper into your situation and our team of genealogists can help source any required documentation that you may not have readily available.

Please feel free to reach out at any time.

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