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The Differences Between European Citizenship by Descent vs. Investment

There are quite a few ways in which applicants can obtain EU citizenship. This article will explore the difference between citizenship by descent and citizenship by investment.

There are several reasons why people would want to opt for EU citizenship. These may include: personal security, improved mobility, quality of life, and family. A second passport from a developed country can be a lifeline for those who find themselves in political, economic, or social crisis. Having an EU passport allows for visa-free movement through a number of countries and thus increased freedom of mobility. Additionally, having a second passport allows citizens to provide a good life to their dependents by offering access to world-class health care, education, and lifestyle.

What Is Citizenship By Descent?

Citizenship by descent is bestowed upon individuals who can successfully trace their bloodline to a particular EU country. In most cases, individuals become citizens at birth if their parents are already citizens. Certain EU countries take the law of Jus Sanguinis one step further by extending eligible ancestry to grandparents or even great grandparents.

What Is Citizenship By Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is the process by which citizenship is granted by investing in a country’s economy. Many countries in the EU, including Malta and Cyprus, offer a citizenship by investment programme to spur external investment in the country. The funds raised through this program can be used to invest in areas of the economy such as real estate and job creation.

Which Option is Right for Me?

The difference between the two citizenship options hinges on time, money & eligibility.

If time is of the essence and money is not an issue for an individual, then citizenship by investment might be the right choice, yielding residence in less than half a year. The amount of required investment depends on the country and in many cases, can be recovered fairly quickly.

If money is an issue, then citizenship by descent offers a low-cost solution for people of certain ancestry. Countries like Poland, Ireland, Hungary, and Lithuania offer citizenship to individuals with ancestry from those countries.

Eligibility & How to Apply for EU Citizenship by Descent

However, the caveats of this option are eligibility and application processing/approval time. The citizenship by descent option is only for those whose ancestry is in a country that offers that option. Eligible applicants need to undergo a rigorous application process (Learn how EuroPassport makes this process a breeze!). The most time-consuming part of the process is determining eligibility and gathering the necessary documentation to prove ancestry.

Applicants first need to gather documents such as birth certificates, IDs, and citizenship papers validating proof of descendants’ citizenship before preparing the application. The preparation of applications needs to be done meticulously (i.e. no missing documents or information) to yield a successful outcome.

Eligibility & How to Apply for EU Citizenship by Investment

For those who do not have ancestral ties to a European country or do not have time to undergo the bureaucratic process of obtaining citizenship through descent, investment allows them to gain residence quicker by:

  1. Donating to the national fund
  2. Donating to charitable organization
  3. Renting or purchasing real estate
  4. Creating businesses or jobs
  5. Investing in local businesses

The process of applying for citizenship by investment involves obtaining a Golden Visa, which provides applicants and their family members with residence permits, which can be renewed indefinitely in exchange for maintaining investment. Once an applicant has lived in the country for a certain period of time, they can apply for citizenship. However, citizenship is not always guaranteed, with a significant stay period required for eligibility.


How Can I Get Started?

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