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5 Benefits of Portuguese Citizenship

Portugal is often ranked as the easiest country to obtain EU citizenship for applicants, specifically through ancestry.

Portugal is an excellent country to obtain EU citizenship from. The Portuguese passport is first-class, granting visa-free access to 159 countries as of 2020 and the ability to live, work and travel freely in all 27-member states of the EU.

Given the low barriers to entry, lax residency requirements, and the shortest timeline to habitation in the EU, Portugal is often ranked as the easiest country to obtain EU citizenship for applicants, specifically through ancestry.

Here are 5 benefits of acquiring your Portuguese citizenship.

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Benefit 1: Citizen Rights

Obtaining a Portuguese citizenship grants passport holders the ability to participate in full employment, education and study, access social security benefits, and buy property in Portugal.

Citizens can also vote in Portuguese elections and are considered EU citizens, which allows free travel across EU countries.

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Benefit 2: Quality of Life

Portugal is known for its high quality of life, having ranked as the 14th most globalized country in the world in a recent survey. Portugal ranks above average in factors such as housing, personal security, and environmental quality. The life expectancy at birth is 81.5 years, which is above the European average.

Moreover, the country boasts incredible infrastructure and a stable political environment. It also has several beautiful tourist spots, including world-class beaches in the Algarve and the beautiful city of Lisbon.

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Benefit 3: Freedom of Mobility

Obtaining Portuguese citizenship grants applicants the freedom to travel to, and work/live in, all 27 countries under the EU, including Italy, Germany and Belgium. No restrictions exist for Portuguese citizens when working and living in other EU countries. There is also a shorter waiting time for Portuguese citizens at customs when entering the EU, which is advantageous for frequent travelers.  It is also easier to enter countries such as Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela than it is for non-EU citizens.

Benefit 4: Minimal Residency Requirements 

The flexibility that Portugal offers its citizens with regards to residency is unparalleled. Citizens of Portugal have no requirements to stay in the country to maintain their residency. This means you can retain your citizenship while residing in another country in the EU, or even across the globe! This means you retain all the benefits of being an EU citizen without being tied down to a specific country.

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Benefit 5: Tax Benefits

Portugal considers those that reside in the country for more than 183 days in a year or have permanent residence in Portugal to be taxpayers. That being said, Portugal offers attractive tax benefits through its Non-Habitual Residence program (NHR), which offers a beneficial tax environment for those who are EU citizens, have a Portugal Golden Visa, and have not lived in Portugal for five years before becoming a tax resident.

NHR status allows for tax exemptions from various tax categories of foreign source income including pension, capital gains, and employment tax. There is also a 20% flat rate for certain Portuguese source incomes instead of the standard 48%.

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