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Is EU Citizenship Worth It?

EU citizenship is one of the most lucrative and sought-after citizenships to obtain. In this article we explore if EU citizenship is worth it.

EU citizenship is one of the most lucrative and sought-after citizenships to obtain. Many people are eager to become EU citizens because of the plethora of benefits that come along with it.

In most cases, it is not easy to acquire, however there are various ways to receive the coveted passport, including through descent, marriage, or immigration to name a few.

Many of our clients ask us if the process of acquiring your EU citizenship & passport is worth it. At EuroPassport, we take care of the legal headache and help you prepare an application with the highest chance of success. Once you are granted citizenship, these are some of the benefits you can expect to receive once you receive your new European Union passport.

1. Visa-Free Travel

An EU passport is top tier as it allows citizens to travel to 153 countries without a visa. Only a few passports on earth have that amount of accessible travel options.

Since the European Union is a union of 27-member countries, there is easy access for EU citizens to live, work or study in any member country. The freedom of movement between so many countries is an aspect that is unique and opens plenty of opportunities to EU citizens.

2. Permanent Residency and Ability to Work

As mentioned above, EU citizens have the opportunity to live, work or study in EU member countries. For a non-citizen, mobility between countries is very difficult and expensive. European members have the right to go to a member country to stay, look for work and live without any excess immigration paperwork, applications, or fees. Dual citizenship is also a bonus as it makes you more competitive in the workplace.

European companies and organizations like to hire culturally aware, mobile, bilingual, and internationally experienced employees. As well, it is also much tougher to get a job when there are complicated permits and visas involved in the hiring process.

3. Education Opportunities

Universities throughout Europe are world-renowned, and many foreign students flock to Europe every year to study at these reputable universities. Studying within the EU ensures that you will be receiving a top-notch education and gaining international career experience along the way. Not to mention, compared to many other westernized countries, Europe’s tuition fees for citizens are very affordable.

4. Great National Healthcare System

The European Union has an outstanding reciprocal healthcare system. When you are a European Union citizen, you have the right to receive healthcare in any 27-member states that you may be visiting or living in. Therefore, even when you are not in your home country, you will not be fitted with a massive healthcare bill when visiting another EU country in times of emergency. In addition, it will give you peace of mind when exploring new countries and help save you money in insurance or medical expenses.

5. Plan B Citizenship

It is always a good idea to have a back-up citizenship option. In the unstable political and social environment that the world often falls into, you never know when a situation in your home country will give you reason to leave. This may seem like a far-off scenario but if recent history is any indication, it is very plausible. An EU passport will allow for travel to 27 countries that will provide assistance and a place of protection in times of chaos.

In Conclusion

While the process of acquiring your EU citizenship can be quite involved, many of our clients find that the benefits that come along with your passport are often worth it. What’s more, the EuroPassport expert legal and genealogical teams do the heavy lifting of sourcing documents and searching high and low to determine the easiest path for you to successfully acquire your EU citizenship.

If you’re interested in applying for European Union citizenship by descent, take our free pre-screening assessment today.

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