Freedom of Movement in the EU

Freedom of Movement in the EU–Explained!

If you’re an EU Citizen, you have the freedom to move around the member-countries of the EU without any restrictions, whatsoever.

Isn’t it just great to be able to travel from one country to another without having to obtain a visa? Imagine biking in the streets of Italy or visiting the Louvre Art Museum without any restrictions! And what if we told you that if you loved Paris so much that you can wake up to the smell of freshly baked pastries and brewed coffee every day while you work/live there?

What is Freedom of Movement?

If you’re an EU Citizen, you are automatically considered a citizen of the European Union, meaning you have the freedom to move around the member-countries of the EU without any restrictions, whatsoever.

This “Freedom of Movement” applies to all 27 EU member states, it also applies to countries like Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Lichtenstein which make up the European Economic Area (EEA). Freedom of Movement allows a citizen of any EU country and the EEA to be able to lawfully work and live in the country and citizens are subject to the same rules for taxation, trade unions, education, housing, etc.

How Does it Work?

If you’re looking to move around within the EU countries for a trip (under 90 days), it’s simple, as you will not be required to obtain a visa and get your passport stamped upon entry and exit. All you need is to carry your passport or a national identity card (if asked to present). However, if you’re looking to travel to Ireland, you will be required to show your passport or a national identity card. Your right to stay for up to 90 days may be revoked if you were to become an unreasonable burden on the social assistance system of any country.

Citizens of any EU country may also be able to work and study in any other EU or EEA state. You will be required to show proof of employment (in the case you want to work there), or if you want to move for education, you will have to supplement your application with health insurance registration and proof of funds (to show that you can support yourself without state assistance).

In the case that you exceed 90 days and cannot prove any of the above, you could be given a Removal order.

Ireland laws are a bit different, and you may not be required to show proof of employment/funds to stay there, however, if you have not been able to find work and have no money, don’t expect any social assistance from the Irish state.

Certain family members may also qualify to move along with you, but you will need to obtain a visa or a residence permit for them. 

What Other Benefits Come with an EU Passport?

While it’s great to have the freedom to go to any European country as often as you’d like or even to live and work, this is just one of the many benefits of holding an EU passport.


How Can I Get Started?

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