Late afternoon sunlight on the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary. It is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary. It lies in Lajos Kossuth Square, on the bank of the River Danube. It is currently the largest building in Hungary and is still the tallest building in Budapest.

Best EU Countries to Visit on a Budget

Traveling to Europe can often be expensive, but we've made a list of countries where you can see the best of Europe while on a budget!

Traveling to Europe can often mean that you might be paying through the nose to explore different cities/countries. But fret not because we have made a list of countries where you can see the best of Europe while on a budget!


The Hungarian Forint is less than a fraction of USD and CAD making it an ideal place to visit if you want to live life king-size (even if only for a few days).

While you are in Budapest, Hungary’s Capital, you can take advantage of a few free attractions available to tourists and locals alike, such as walking on the Chain Bridge across the Danube and exploring the Castle Hill area. There are some paid attractions in and around Castle Hill which are very affordable. As for food, you can choose from a variety of local restaurants that offer traditional Hungarian food, and if you are looking to save money but explore the culture through their cuisine, it just might be the right pick!

If you want to see more of Hungary, you can always visit the Lake Resort of Tihany and the Bükk Mountains for outdoor adventure, where the prices are even lower than in Budapest all year long.


Portugal is often overlooked when planning a visit in Europe, mainly because it is a smaller country than most and not as popular as Italy or France. However, Portugal is one of the cheapest countries to visit if you want to get around Europe on a budget.

Portugal has three main cities: Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto. Algarve is a more scenic destination famous for its waters and sandy beaches. Lisbon is a big metropolitan city, while Porto is a bit calmer.

Portugal has a variety of cheap options to eat, so you would still be able to get a wholesome and tasty meal for just about 10 euros. Public transportation in Portugal is well connected and cheap. It is perfect for a traveler on a budget as you can hop from one city to another without hailing a cab.

Like Hungary, Portuguese cities also offer free attractions to tourists, which are a must-see when visiting Portugal.


Italy may be famous for expensive designer clothing and bags, despite that, there are some great places in Italy that travelers can visit while on a budget.

When in Rome, you can get breakfast and coffee for about 3 euros, although it may cost more to get lunch and dinner. On the bright side, it is worth the money because nowhere else will you get the authentic Italian experience that comes with eating at a restaurant in the streets of Rome.

Italy is well-connected through trains and allows you to travel to other cities within the country on a budget. The only caveat is that you need to book your tickets well in advance to get the best rate possible.


Slovenia is a hiker’s paradise and home to the heritage site reminder of the First World War – ‘Walk of Peace’. This trail does not fail to amaze you with its stunning views. Slovenia also has a vast shoreline along the mountains, that makes for a breathtaking Instagram-able view.

One of the ways you can save money in Slovenia is by visiting the country in late spring when the temperatures are already summery, but the tourists just have not arrived yet. Another way is to dine at neighborhood cafes and eat street food to best explore the cuisine and be economical.


One of the oldest countries in Europe, Bulgaria is known for its historic towns and cobbled stones. Bulgaria also has beautiful sandy beaches which are free to visit.

One way you can save money in Bulgaria is by going on a free walking or a biking tour which takes you through the country’s art, history, and culture. You can even take a break from hoteling and lodging as camping is free in Bulgaria, so it is an opportunity to explore some wilderness while taking a vacation in Bulgaria.

You can even take advantage of the free food tour where you can taste different kinds of Bulgarian food. Museums and attractions have certain days in the week that are free to tourists and locals, so you can add them to your itinerary on the free days.


Romania is the European country that is off the beaten path and truly a hidden gem. The country is not as popular with tourists, as the ones we mentioned above. So you will not see inflated prices for accommodations and attractions during busy months as they still see very few tourists.

You  probably only need to spend around 30-40 USD per day inclusive of accommodation, food, and drinks to get around in Romania. Romania is known for the Transylvania region, which is home to castles, and charming villages. Not only that, but there are also other things to do in Romania such as seeing the wildlife in Northern Dobruja or the botanic gardens and immersing yourself in the culture of Maramures.

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