The Hungarian parliament has one of the easiest citizenship application processes

The 3 Easiest EU Citizenships to Get

From its high standard of living to its beautiful tourist attractions, Europe certainly has a lot to offer. It is no wonder then that several European Union (or ‘EU’ for short) countries remain popular second citizenship destinations for those seeking the social and economic benefits that only an EU citizenship can provide. Here’s our roundup of the 3 easiest EU citizenships to get.

How do I Become a European Citizen?

There are multiple ways to become an EU citizen. The first and perhaps easiest option is through ancestry or descent. Most of Europe follows the rule of “jus sanguinis”, which refers to the concept of inheritance of a country’s citizenship from one, or more, of your parents.

Certain countries, such as Italy and Poland, take this one step further by allowing citizenship inheritance from members further back in the family, such as grandparents and great-grandparents.

The second way is through marriage/civil partnership, with some European Countries offering shortened timelines toward citizenship for spouses of EU citizens. The third way is through naturalization (i.e., living in a particular country for a period of time and integrating into the social and cultural life).

The last way is through citizenship by investment–to qualify for this option, applicants need to contribute to the economy by contributing to local assets or jobs.

This article will focus on citizenship through ancestry.

What Are the Easiest EU Citizenships to Get?

1. Ireland

Has a very simple and efficient citizenship process whereby applicants are considered Irish citizens if they were either:

  1. Born in Ireland to Irish citizens
  2. Were residents at time of birth
  3. Born outside of the country to an Irish citizen born in Ireland
  4. Had grandparents that were Irish citizens born in Ireland

The cherry on top? There are no obligations for citizens to live in Ireland. This, coupled with visa-free access to 175 countries, including Canada and United States, and freedom of movement around Europe, makes this a very attractive option for many people.

2. Hungary

Hungary also has a good citizenship by descent program with the added benefit of lacking a limit of how far back into the family tree an applicant can go to obtain citizenship. Because of the jus sanguinis law, some children of Hungarian citizens automatically become Hungarian citizens despite place of birth.

The process to apply, however, is very paper-work heavy and requires applicants to establish a paper trail documenting connection with past Hungarian ancestors, but not to worry—we can help you with this!

3. Poland

Poland is an excellent option for those that have ancestors that did not renounce their Polish citizenship before passing their citizenship to their children. Like Hungary, Poland is lenient in how far back it allows applicants to trace their ancestry.

The only downside is the strict documentation requirements despite the country’s complicated war history. With traces of family histories destroyed by wars, the process of obtaining Polish citizenship could prove onerous to many people.

How Can I get Started with My EU Citizenship?

Citizenship by descent is often the fastest and cheapest way to obtain EU Citizenship. Applicants should consider this as their first option to save time and money. All three of the above countries offer first-class passports with visa-free access to numerous countries. Additionally, obtaining an EU citizenship through one of these countries means additional educational, financial and business opportunities, social security and civic rights.

EuroPassport makes the process of acquiring your EU/UK citizenship by descent simpler than ever before. If you’re interested in applying for European citizenship by ancestry, either in the EU or UK–take our quick pre-screening assessment today and find out if you may be eligible.

Have more questions about the process and whether you may be eligible? Check out our FAQs or contact us today to learn more.