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Top 4 Countries in the EU to Study Business

We explore the top EU countries to start a small business and a breakdown of just what each country does so well.

Business is among one of the most popular fields to study at universities worldwide. This is for good reason as gaining knowledge in the business field is a very practical skill. The EU is a great place to study business as many of their countries are ranked as having some of the top business schools in the world.

In business school, students will learn how to research information and then use analytical skills to develop ideas and strategies based on the information to solve problems. As well, there is a communication component to a business major’s study which is a vitally important skill.

As business is a popular subject to study, there are many programs worldwide to choose from. No program is designed the same so, whether you are wanting to obtain a BA in business or an MBA, certain countries will serve your studies better than others.

Europe has an array of countries where students can find their ideal study destination. The following are the top countries in the EU to study business.

Valencia (Spain), exterior of a historic building of the University

1. Spain

Spain is a top contender for studying business because the country offers many perks to students. Some of these perks include being in a warm sunny climate, having easy access to other countries nearby and being only miles away from the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. As well, Spain is also a great place to study as it is known for having a strong business environment and programs.

Major cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, are business hubs that foster growth and innovation. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their business program supports the development of the business community. Seven Spanish schools have made top ranking worldwide for their MBA programs. The IE Business School, ESADE Ramon Llulll University, and IESE Business School (Barcelona) are all examples of these top business schools.

Germany flag in front of building

2. Germany

This Western European country is also a front runner for providing top-notch business programs. Germany has one of the world’s most powerful economies and is one of the wealthiest in all of Europe. This wealth has attracted businesses to invest and grow in major German cities such as Munich.

Universities have therefore backed up the rich commerce environment by providing high-quality and world-renowned business programs. In fact, Munich’s Business School offers one of the top-quality undergraduate and graduate programs in Europe. Their goal is to have excellent and innovative business professionals that will help to continue to develop their nation.

business school in Europe

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its beautiful rolling hills, greenery, and infamous mountains. When choosing Switzerland as your destination to study, you are choosing to study in a country with an exceptional quality of life and a nation that is home to hundreds of multinational business headquarters, domestic organizations and government organizations.

Switzerland is usually not synonymous with being a hot business spot. However, Switzerland is a nation that is focused on economic growth, investment and is career-focused. They have backed these values up by providing some of the best business school programs in the world.

Two major cities in Switzerland are Geneva and Montreux. Geneva is the leading financial centre of the country. However, Montreux is also a hot spot that businesses have been flourishing in. Both cities are great for aspiring business professionals as they have the right combination of finance, diplomacy, and top-rating university programs.

Business School in Paris

4. France

France’s pro-business environment, elevated financial market and top-ranking universities make it an attractive place to study business. This country is not only full of culture, but it has one of the largest markets in Europe.

France’s business programs are well-renowned for giving their students the skills to be innovative business leaders. French programs provide their students with the knowledge needed to be creative business professionals such as researching, applying ideas, and creating strategies that will add value to a business.

Students can receive an excellent business education from various schools throughout the country including: HEC Paris which has been named to have the top MBA in all of Europe and overall, a second-best business school in Europe.

France is also a country where students can expect low tuition costs but high-quality education. Therefore, instead of paying high tuition costs, you can save money and use it to travel to the various European countries surrounding France.

In Conclusion

If you have European ancestry, you may be able to take advantage of these countries’ great universities and MBA programs, giving you a competitive edge over other people who do not have an EU Citizenship. When applying for scholarships, support and/or coaching programs, being an EU Citizen simplifies the process significantly.

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