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The Top Culinary Schools to Study in Europe

Some of the top culinary schools to study food are in Europe. WIth so many options & different styles, how do you choose?

The culinary industry is a fulfilling career for many who love to cook or take care of others. However, with so many institutions available for you to study at, it is hard to decide which is best for you. 

European culinary schools are often a very popular choice for training as there are plenty of options that are well regarded on the world stage. This may be because many European countries are known for their culinary significance. Overall, choosing a top European school gives students an opportunity to learn traditional ways of the kitchen and hands-on experience working with top mentors.

The following are the top internationally praised European culinary schools that offer a variety of cuisine options. Depending on what you want out of your culinary education, there is a European school that will increase your skills and career. 

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Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy

Adge, France

This culinary academy is world-renowned and can be found in the South of France in the beautiful town of Adge. Gastronomicon was established in 2004 and hosts international students to learn the ways of the French practices. France is known for culinary excellence, and the courses taught at Gastronomicom train students to gain this excellence through lessons in French cooking, pastries, and the French Language. 

With only 16 students per class, this is a school focused on providing the best learning opportunities and mentorship. With such small class sizes, students learn in the optimal environment to gain skill and passion from their teachers. Also, this culinary school focuses on having the best products, equipment, and teachers available to elevate the students’ experiences to the next level. 

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University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts

Sant Pol de Mar, Spain

This university has proved to be a top contender in the European culinary school rankings. It is a world-famous culinary school that will set up students to have a successful career with in-depth knowledge of Spanish food education. Not to mention, students will get to enjoy the southern Spanish coast while only being 50km from Barcelona. 

This culinary school has gained popularity because of its Pioneer University Model. The model gives students experience working with real customers from their first day of class. This gives them an upper hand once graduated as they will already have a head start on a professional tailor-made profile for the industry. 

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Gualtiero Marchesi’s Gourmet Cookery School

Lake Iseo, Italy

Gualtiero Marchesi’s Gourmet Cookery School is a top school that is perfect for those who want a short training session to add to their credentials. This school is located near Lake Iseo, Italy, and is internationally renowned. Students take part in a three or four-day intensive program to learn Italian culinary from a three-star Michelin-rated chef.

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Nick Nairn Cook School – Scotland

Nick Nairn Cook School is another school that offers short-term training lessons to those that want to increase their skills. The school was founded by Nick Nairn, a famous TV celebrity chef. Nairn created the school by keeping his philosophy in mind which was to allow students to choose classes that they are interested in. Therefore each program is very tailored to what the student is wanting to learn. 

Students at Nick Nairn Cook School will learn modern cooking techniques mixed with the classic Scottish traditional culinary. The classes primarily focus on getting the students introduced to cooking with meats, vegetables, or seafood in a Scottish style. 


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Ferrandi Paris: The French School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Paris, France

Ferrandi Paris is considered one of the best culinary schools in Paris. If you have ever dreamed of living the French lifestyle while studying the cuisine, this culinary school will be a perfect fit. There are three Ferrandi Paris campuses around Paris, so students get the privilege of choosing the location in Paris they are interested in the most. 

The school is world-renowned as it offers high-quality teaching from prestigious chefs. As well, this school expects students to gain mastery by the time they graduate, so once they start a career, they will be ready to show off their advanced skills, which overall reflects well on Ferrandi Paris. 

Ferrandi Paris is also known for teaching students’ relevant business skills to help them lead a successful restaurant. The school values entrepreneurship as they focus on teaching managerial skills and encouraging creativity. Therefore at Ferrandi Paris, education goes beyond the kitchen. 

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College of Food and Hospitality Management: University College

Birmingham, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a long history in culinary education excellence and the University of Birmingham’s culinary program is no exception. This university has long been regarded as the top school in the United Kingdom as it dates back to before the 1800’s Victorian era. Ever since then, the program has played a crucial part in many well-renowned chefs’ career beginnings. 

The University of Birmingham is highly internationally renowned for its professionalism, high-quality kitchens, and award-winning training techniques. As well, the school elevates its students’ education experience by offering innovative apprenticeships that have a strong practical focus. Overall, they want their students ready by graduation to enter their careers with the skills they need to be successful in high-pressure environments and high-quality restaurants. 

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