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5 Countries You Must Visit in Europe

Europe is a dream destination for many foreigners looking to travel. Here are 5 countries you must visit in Europe!

Europe is a dream destination for many foreigners looking to travel. There are a plethora of incredible countries in Europe to choose from, which makes the choice difficult. In fact, some of the world’s top tourist destinations are many of these European countries. However, some EU countries are more popular than others and are regarded as a must-visit country in Europe. 

The following will provide the top 5 countries that you must visit in Europe. These countries all have unique features that are distinct from one another, but they all offer wonderful experiences for their tourists. 

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Italy is a country that is filled with riches from historic architecture to salivation-worthy food. This country should be on the top of your list to visit as each Italian city can offer a new experience as amazing as the last. 

In Rome, travellers will be breath-taken with one of the seven wonders, The Colosseum. As well, the Pantheon holds an abundance of historical significance that makes it a must-see. As travellers walk through the peddled stone city, they will come across phenomenal town squares such as the Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Square, and Piazza Spagna. 

Another major Italian must-see is Florence. Here you will gaze through various squares that are filled with history from the renaissance period and view magnificent statues and art. 

Venice is also a unique Italian city that can’t be missed. It is a must to visit because of the city’s charming canals, bridges, and waterways. Tuscany is a hugely popular region in Italy as it is filled with rolling hills, vineyards, and untouched, ancient architecture. 

Whichever city you end up visiting in Italy will give you a unique experience and countless opportunities to indulge in the cuisines while being surrounded by significant historic remains. 

Cordoba, Spain at the Mosque-Cathedral and Roman Bridge.


Spain is the second most visited country in Europe with an average of 82.7 million visitors per year. This popularity is for a good reason. It is primarily located on the Iberian Peninsula, so the landscape and views of this country are next to none. Spain has it all from mountain ranges, seaside cliffs, world-renowned beaches, and hilltop villages. As well, the architectural masterpieces that are situated throughout the country create a euphoric experience for those visiting. 

Cities like Madrid are home to luscious gardens and picturesque plazas. Seville is a major Spanish city that exudes elegance because of the cobblestone street and church towers. As well, Barcelona is a historic city filled with architecture that resembles fine art. The Basílica de la Sagrada Família, Casa Mila and Parc Güell are all must-sees. 

Spanish traditional cuisines are unique and need to be experienced. There are a variety of delectable foods from Tortilla Espanola, Pisto, Paella, and much more that add on an important piece of culture to your trip to Spain. 

The castle of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany.


Germany is known for having the most unique and spectacular scenery. The country has thick forests, perfectly textured mountains, and astonishing castles scattered throughout the country. As well, the historic German architecture in the cities is still prevalent and is an incredible additional feature the country offers. 

Destinations like Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt are the top-visited sites in the country as they offer historic culture from museums and monuments. As well, travellers often visit famous sites such as The Cologne Cathedral, Neuschwanstein Castle, Heidelberg Castle, Leipzig Zoological Garden. Not to mention, various villages in Germany will take you back in time as they have gorgeous remnants of the past and will take you from the hustle of bigger city centres. 

Germany is also known for its traditional foods that are a must-try when exploring the country. Shops throughout Germany are filled with traditional sauerkraut and schnitzels that will leave you wanting more.

Aerial view Christianshavn located in Copenhagen, Denmark


Denmark is a charming country and should be on your must-visit list. Although it may be small, it is filled with gorgeous cities and views. This Nordic country is the perfect destination for a relaxing visit because of the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. It has been named one of the world’s happiest nations, so this mood will translate to you during your stay. 

Besides the wonderful feeling travellers experience, while visiting, the country has a long list of renaissance castles and modern architecture buildings. The Danish architectural style is distinct, luxurious, and hard to beat. Kronborg Castle, National Maritime Museum, and the Nyhaven harbour are popular spots that show off Denmark’s tradition and culture. 

Island of Milos Greece


Tourist visits are soaring for this spectacular European country because it is all-encompassing. Greece is world-renowned in various categories such as in having beautiful buildings, islands, beaches, history, and delicious foods. It is also the perfect place for a relaxing, laid-back vacation. Although this country is filled with ancient ruins to explore, its atmosphere promotes a restful experience. 

Major spots in Greece are the Acropolis, the mystical Delphi ruins, the monasteries of Meteora, the Temple of Hephaestus, to name a few. The must-see cities and islands in this phenomenal country are Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. Each of these places is distinct from one another however, each is magnificent in its own way and provides a unique experience. 

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