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4 EU Countries Offering Citizenship for Jews

In the years following the defeat of the Nazi regime, new laws were drafted in various EU countries to restore citizenship for Jews and other minority groups who had their citizenship stripped on racial, political or religious grounds.
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3 Benefits of Obtaining Polish Citizenship

Poland is an excellent country to obtain EU citizenship from. Being a Polish citizen automatically grants EU citizenship and with it, visa-free access to all EU countries and the ability to live, work and travel freely in all 27-member states…
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The Top 5 Benefits of European Citizenship

Holding a European Union citizenship is highly sought after, with thousands of people from the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries applying for EU Citizenship every year. There are several benefits of European citizenship, including freedom of mobility through…
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The Hungarian parliament has one of the easiest citizenship application processes

The 3 Easiest EU Citizenships to Get

From its high standard of living to its beautiful tourist attractions, Europe certainly has a lot to offer. It is no wonder then that several European Union (or ‘EU’ for short) countries remain popular second citizenship destinations for those seeking…
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